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Cultivado orgánicamente en los EE. UU., Certificado kosher, probado en laboratorio, libre de pesticidas, apto para veganos y fabricado en una instalación sin gluten.

I first tried Simplify from a sample and I instantly tasted and felt the quality in this product. With most CBD oils I have a hard time taking it by itself but this one actually has a nice herbal almost tea taste to it. The effect is very relaxing. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a quality CBD product and for great customer service!

Moshe A. Lakewood, NJ

I absolutely love simplify hemp’s CBD Oil. As much as I work hard to eat well, and look after my nervous system with rest— some days there's just too much to do, or too much stress! OR - a late-night rendezvous dinner and wine… These things can sometimes trigger difficulty sleeping, increase inflammation and cause digestive issues. So I've been using CBD as a rescue remedy for those times to help me fall into a deep sleep on those would-have-been restless nights, calm inflammation/anxiety in my body after triggering foods. It has been really helpful in my mind-body healing journey. This is high-quality organic stuff. 

Sara S. @simplehealings Monsey, NY

There's something about this product that makes me feel like my face glows a little more each time I use it. It moisturizes, clears up acne, and makes my skin radiate from the inside. Its contents feel natural and healing in a refreshing cool way, More than what I would expect from one single product.

Rivky F.

Toms River, NJ

I got CBD capsules and they were of great quality! They made me feel relaxed and calm. Definitely would recommend it.

Sruly F. Boro Park, NY

I'm 84 years old and was having a hard time sleeping. Since I started taking Simplify's CBD capsules before bed, I sleep a full, restful night. Claudia S. Washington Heights, NY

Claudia S.

Washington Heights, NY

I've been using the CBD balm on my face for 8 months now and I feel a real difference.  My skin is definitely softer, looks better, and feels great. I bought one for my grandmother and she uses it religiously now. She says her wrinkles have softened and her skin feels so good. I honestly think this balm is awesome for anyone and it's all-natural which I love.

Adina S.Passaic

New Jersey

"There's CBD oils and then there's SIMPLIFY CBD oil,  it's full-spectrum, organic, clean, and basically top quality.  I've tried other CBD oils thinking they are all the same but they're not...there's a big difference and  Simplify has the good stuff so I have no hesitations about using their products. I've used many of them and have been very happy."

Sarit H.

Toronto, Canada

Met this lovely couple and they were offering various products they created. I was in need of anti-inflammatory pain relief and their CBG product really helped me out.  It’s natural, effective, and compared to other products I’ve had - really good stuff.

Shmully B.

Crown Heights, NY